Current award committee members are disclosed until the award has been attributed. 

SSM Early Career Award Committee:

  • Chair: Philip Gable (University of Delaware) 
Distinguished Contribution to Motivation Science Award Committee: 
  • Chair: Andrew Elliot (University of Rochester) 
SSM Young Scientist Poster Award Committee: 
  • Chair: Johanna Falk (Université de Genève) 
SSM Conference Committee: 
  • Jessica Gamlin (SSM program co-chair, University of Oregon) 
  • Molly Ellenberg (SSM program co-chair, University of Maryland) 
  • Juliana Schroeder (local arrangement chair, University of California, Berkeley)
SSM Elections Committee:
  • Chair: Ruud Custers (Utrecht University) 
SSM Publications Committee (Archived): 
  • Jessica Gamlin (SSM program co-chair, University of Oregon) 
  • Rex A. Wright (co-chair, University of North Texas) 
  • Ayelet Fishbach (University of Chicago) 
  • Michele J. Gelfand (University of Maryland) 
  • E. Tory Higgins (Columbia University) 

If you wish to get involved in a committee, please let us know! 

Welcome to the SSM 

The Society for the Science of Motivation is an international, interdisciplinary organization of researchers who study motivation. Its mission is to encourage inquiry into all aspects of motivation from a variety of disciplines and perspectives, and to facilitate the dissemination of findings to a broad scientific audience. 

The SSM provides a forum for the exchange of scientific information, foster discussion of new ideas and findings on motivation among researchers, and encourages exchange and collaboration in research. It will do this through a list serve, online information exchange, annual conferences, and a journal dedicated exclusively to motivation research.