Award Laureates

Distinguished Contribution to Motivation Science 
Early Career Award 
Young Scientist Poster Award
  • 2024, Ludwig Piesch, Universität Hamburg, "Affiliation under stress: Investigating the link between implicit motives and stress regulation"
  • 2023, Samantha Kassirer, Northwestern University, “Is In-kind Kinder than Cash? The Impact of Money vs. Food Aid on Social Emotions and Aid Take-up” 
  • 2022, Elina Yewon Hur, Cornell University, “When Less is More: Intrinsic Motivation Predicts Preference for Smaller Quantities” 
  • 2021, Johanna Falk, University of Geneva, “Choice, affect, and effort: Task choice shields against incidental affective influences in a difficult task” 
  • 2020, Meeting cancelled
  • 2019, Lee Williams, University of Virginia, “A brief video intervention improves ninth graders’ academic outcomes” 
  • 2018, Kate Slade, Liverpool John Moores University, “The impact of listening demand on effort-driven cardiovascular responses” 
  • 2017, Ekaterina Damer, The University of Sheffield, “Diversity Helps the Uninterested: Exposure to Counter-stereotypes Benefits People Low (But Not High) in Need for Cognition” 
  • 2016, Janna Kline, Rutgers University, “Avoiding Temptations: Perceptual Biases in Dieting Self-Control Conflicts” 
  • 2015, Joséphine Stanek, University of Geneva, “The impact of online feedback and image presentation on the energy investment in a handgrip task” 
  • 2014, Greg Gero, Monrovia School District, “What Drives Teachers to Improve: The Role of Teacher Mindset in Professional Learning” 
  • 2013, Patricia Chen, University of Michigan, “The Yin and Yang of Competition: Synergistic Effects of Social Comparison and Evaluation Apprehension in Competitive Motivation” 
  • 2012, Marina Milyavskaya, McGill University, “Psychological need satisfaction as antecedent of setting self-concordant goals in important life domains”

Welcome to the SSM 

The Society for the Science of Motivation is an international, interdisciplinary organization of researchers who study motivation. Its mission is to encourage inquiry into all aspects of motivation from a variety of disciplines and perspectives, and to facilitate the dissemination of findings to a broad scientific audience. 

The SSM provides a forum for the exchange of scientific information, foster discussion of new ideas and findings on motivation among researchers, and encourages exchange and collaboration in research. It will do this through a list serve, online information exchange, annual conferences, and a journal dedicated exclusively to motivation research.