Executive Council

              Alexandra Freund                                                Catalina Kopetz                                                    Ruud Custers
  University of Zurich, Switzerland                           Wayne State University, USA                            Utrecht University, Netherlands   
                     President                                                           President-Elect                                                      Past President


                Philip Gable                                                             Julie Huang                                                     Kerstin Brinkmann
     University of Delaware, USA                               Stony Brook University, USA                           University of Geneva, Switzerland  
            Secretary-Archivist                                                        Treasurer                                                           Treasurer-Elect



          Katharina Bernecker                                             Marie Hennecke                                                   Masanori Oikawa
 University of Zurich, Switzerland                         University of Bochum, Germany                              Doshisha University, Japan  


                   Joyce Pang                                                                                                                                           Julia Vogt
Nanyang Technological University,                                                                                                          University of Reading, UK  

Past presidents

Larry Bernard
Richard Sorrentino
William Graziano
Rex Wright
Roy Baumeister
Arie Kruglanski
David Dunning
Peter Gollwitzer
Tory Higgins
Andrew Elliot 
Ayelet Fishbach
Ruud Custers

Welcome to the SSM 

The Society for the Science of Motivation is an international, interdisciplinary organization of researchers who study motivation. Its mission is to encourage inquiry into all aspects of motivation from a variety of disciplines and perspectives, and to facilitate the dissemination of findings to a broad scientific audience. 

The SSM provides a forum for the exchange of scientific information, foster discussion of new ideas and findings on motivation among researchers, and encourages exchange and collaboration in research. It will do this through a list serve, online information exchange, annual conferences, and a journal dedicated exclusively to motivation research.